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Monday, January 13, 2014

Hype Starts Here's Top 100 Songs of 2013 (45-26)

45. Do I Wanna Know?---Arctic Monkeys***
        Do I Wanna Know? could almost be an arena-rock song if it didn't doubt itself so severely; its stomp-and-clap trudge weighs about a million pounds, Alex Turner's lyrics unable to resist the sordid allure of nocturnal longings.

44. Digital Lion---James Blake
        Lion is a hypnotic dance track from the inside of a dryer, ebbing and flowing with off-kilter pacing and sounds that rotate in endless, circular fashion.

43. It Is What It Is/Time Will Tell---Blood Orange
        I can't call this one a tie because the two are effectively one song; the moody, brooding night-time vibes of It Is What It Is receive a redux on album-closer Time Will Tell, which uses many of the same lyrics and sounds, but wears a far rosier sheen.

42. Open---Rhye***
        The greatest beauty on an album that's no stranger to loveliness, Open makes the most out of its space, unveiling one comely sound or instrument after another without ever over-crowding the track. 

41. Confidence---The Dodos
        The opening notes of Confidence have a sort of reverence to them, but the song's world-weary veneer is slowly peeled off layer by layer until all that remains is two guys rocking out.

40.Weight---Mikal Cronin***
        For a guy who spends his free time with Ty Segall, Cronin is surprisingly prone to beauty, the surging guitars and omnipresent percussion serving as mere frame work around a glittering piano, and Mikal's own pilllow-soft voice.
38. *Tie* F**kin' Problems---A$AP Rocky feat 2 Chainz, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar and Goldie---A$AP Rocky***
        The dueling figure-heads of Long.Live.A$AP, I can't bring myself to pick one over the other. Goldie's Hit-Boy produced beat has been stuck in my head for well over a year now, while F**kin' Problems' starry guest list and super-glue sticky hook provide a worthy challenger.

37. Track 15---Jai Paul
         15 is as simple, contented, and warm as a just-right summer day, rolling tides of reverb and a single guitar's aquatic rumblings concocting a sense of peace that's almost palpable.

36. They Won't See Me---The Field
        The Field goes big every time; the opening track on Axel Willner's latest LP rises from humble beginnings into something unnervingly massive, it's individual components undulating back and forth like the sea.

35. If You Didn't See Me (Then You Weren't On the Dancefloor)---Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.***
        Dancefloor's chorus hits like a wreaking ball filled with serotonin, its bright lights and flashing colors so gloriously gaudy and over-the-top that you spend the verses in eager anticipation for the party to start.

34. Get Free---Major Lazer feat. Amber Coffman***
        Coffman's star turn is a marvel, taking center stage and delivering an emotional plea that is adorned with Major Lazer's beguiling production, a reggae-tinged ditty adorned with surging electronics.

33. Ya Hey---Vampire Weekend

        Ya Hey is a break-up song with god, but that obviously wasn't quite unique enough for Vampire Weekend, who dress the track's bittersweet reverie with handclaps, auto-tune, and Outkast references.

32. Wakin on a Pretty Day---Kurt Vile
        The phrase, 'guitar solo,' most often calls to mind head-banging and furious fingers, but not with Vile, who fills his 9+ minute lead single with a warm, inviting, and intrinsic trip across his fret board.

31. On Sight---Kanye West***
        Like and engine wheezing and then humming to life, Yeezus' nasty opening blasts set the stage for a head-spinning 40 minutes, each jagged and dangerous sound clicking into place to concoct one awfully insane dance track.
30. Baby Blue---King Krule
        A down-tempo ballad capable of filling up a room, Baby Blue's woozy, echoing world practically forces listeners to pump the breaks, everything therein moving in slow-motion.

28. *Tie* Nosetalgia---Pusha T feat. Kendrick Lamar and Numbers on the Board---Pusha T***
        It's no surprise that My Name is My Name's two finest tracks are its two sparsest, allowing their MC's to dominate the beat. Numbers contains some of the album's best rhymes and self-agrandizments over dark-as-night production, while Nosetalgia's all-star pairing tell a sordid origin story with a threatening twinkle in the eye.

27. Whoa---Earl Sweatshirt feat. Tyler, the Creator
        Anyone who doubts Earl's incredible lyricism need look no further than Whoa, which uses the LP's most elaborate beat to fry brain cells with one thorny tongue-twister after another.

26. Royals---Lorde***
        Royals the phenomenon has more-or-less obscured Royals the song, which is a shame considering its gutsy minimalism, instinctive beat, and cleverly contradictory lyrics are worthy of the fire they started.

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