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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hype Starts Here's Top 100 Songs of 2013 (100-71)

        ***Songs are dated according to when their parent album was released. Some tracks (A$AP Rocky's Goldie, Jai Paul's Jasmine and BTSTU) have been in existence far before 2013, while others (Schoolboy Q's Collard Greens, ceo's Whorehouse) will have to wait until next year despite existing today. Who runs this website, anyways?***

        ***There are an unreal amount of ties on this list. They all consist of an artist tying themselves because the song-to-song consistency of their work is so strong, and difficult to delineate. If this notion doesn't annoy you already, just wait until you see it in action. Like I said, ties galore***

100. in another way---My Bloody Valentine

         The highest-tempo offering on an album more often focused staring toward the heavens, another way still maintains the band's signature swirling sound, this time paired with propulsive percussion.

99. When a Fire Starts to Burn---Disclosure***
        Ridiculous, kinetic, and dance-floor-ready, Fire gets Settle's party started with near-undeniable fun.
98. Before Your Very Eyes...---Atoms for Peace***
        Jittery and unnerving despite its less-is-more approach, Eyes hints at the icy, immersive potential within Atoms for Peace's all-star line-up

97. Your Life Your Call---Junip

        Junip has a tendency to blow the roof off near the end of their songs, but Your Life is a much more subdued occasion, trading in theatrics for a smooth, sinewy pulse.
96. Send Off---Explosions in the Sky***
        While most of the Prince Avalanche OST is dedicated to little beauties and subtle flourishes, Send Off closes both the movie and the album with glowing, crashing catharsis.

95. Ceilings---Local Natives

        Local Native's 2013 LP, Hummingbird, slows it down far more often than their debut disc, and the gorgeous, enveloping Ceilings stands as the highlight of the disc's more mellow side.

94. The Harbinger---Julianna Barwick***
        Floating into your ears like a soft autumn mist, The Harbinger is just as loosely structured and etherial as the rest of Barwick's work, though perhaps even more lovely.

93. Hugs---The Lonely Island feat. Pharrell
        A track built to mock the radio that actually does the airwaves one better, Hugs may be hilarious and impossible to take seriously, but its beat probably makes the likes of Pitbull and 2 Chainz jealous.

92. The Fall---Rhye

        Picking any of Rhye's resplendent tracks over another is pretty tough, but those low piano notes that power The Fall are too instinctive to deny, as are the strings, horns, and swift percussion that fill out the mix.

91. Cool Song No. 2---MGMT***
        Playing out like a classic pop song drowning at the bottom of the ocean, Cool Song alternately plods and leaps in a surprising, unnerving manner.

90. I Saw Her Face (Campfire Songs EP)---The Men
        I Saw Her Face appears on both of The Men's 2013 offerings; I prefer the second iteration, which takes the breezy, romantic tune and strips it down to the sway-and-strum that it should have been all along.

89. Harm in Charge---Toro Y Moi***
        An unapologetic foot-tapper, Chaz Bundick's piss-and-vinager lyrics tie together a myriad of rotating parts and sonic ideas, all focused on filling up dance floors.

88. No Eyes---Baths***
        Obsidian is an album that often pulls its punches, but not on No Eyes, a songs whose synth palpitations steer us straight into its crunchy come-on of a chorus.
87. Ceiling---King Krule
        An unfussy groove powered by scattered percussion and sliding strings, Ceiling is small, simple, and just about irresistible.

86. only tomorrow---My Bloody Valentine
        One of m b v's rockier cuts, tomorrow sees Kevin Shield's hushed croon float above guitars that constantly threaten to take over... until they finally do.

85. Ribs---Lorde
        Ribs is almost a world unto itself, a woozy love ballad that envelopes listeners in is peculiar pacing and revolving chorus.

84. Control---Big Sean feat. Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica***
        The 7+ minute track is really only on the list for its middle section, but when a single verse ignites controversy, lights up the internet, and generally gets the, 'oh, wow,' reaction from anyone with ears, it's kind of worth celebrating.

83. Giorgio by Moroder---Daft Punk
        Moroder has a beguiling way of being impossibly epic and irrepressibly goofy at the very same time, Giorgio's lovably earnest narration playing tour guide through the track's disco odyssey. 
82. Will Calls---Grizzly Bear***
        Far scrappier and looser than we're used to hearing from Grizzly Bear, this Shields B-side sways in languid fashion before positively exploding during its choruses, Ed Droste's voice reaching new levels of emotion and desperation.

81. Know Til Now---Jim James
        This is James like we've never heard before, employing My Morning Jacket's expansive sonic space, but filling it up with a plethora of different instruments that create a jazzy strut.

80. Knight---Earl Sweatshirt feat. Domo Genesis
         Soul-food hip hop drenched in copious amounts of molasses, Knight's three-fold structure probably shouldn't work, but its two killer verses and mellow beat hold you in their nocturnal grip.

79. Freaky---The Men***
        Freaky gets straight to the point, leaping to life with charging drums and sprinting guitars, a 2:25 garage rock party you'll want to RSVP to right away.

78. Let the Groove Get In---Justin Timberlake
        JT and caribbean rhythm? Yes, Groove is an odd concoction, but its triumphant horns and propulsive percussion have no trouble making hips move.

77. Rap God---Eminem***
        Maybe The empty calories hip hop song of 2013, Marshall Mathers doesn't say too much of interest on Rap God, but his flow is positively ferocious, both MC and beat ever on the verge of fiery combustion.

76. I Can Hardly Make You Mine---Cults
        The most overt single on Static, Madeline Follin's sing-songy voice disguises the track's secret despair, powered by a muscular chug of rolling drums and plodding bass.

75. Lose Yourself to Dance---Daft Punk feat. Pharrell
        What might have come off as a Get Lucky victory lap turns out to be one of the finest pop tunes of Daft Punk's career, layering Pharrell's flirtations with countless robot voices to sublime effect.

74. Voyeur---James Blake***
        Voyeur does a whole hell of a lot with minimal ingredients, its dark, dominant swirl lent extra gravitas by Blake's repeated line, "And her mind was on me."

73. Suicide---Pusha T feat. Ab-Liva
        Badass in every imaginable sense of the term, Suicide's lurching, squelching beat befits Pusha's sordid boasts like a glove. Bonus points for Ab-Liva's Sebastian Telfair reference; go Blazers!(?)

72. Team---Lorde
        In some ways its kind of surprising that Royals became Lorde's ubiquitous hit; Team is Pure Heroine's most radio-ready moment, propped-up by a sturdy bass drum heartbeat, and an anthem of a chorus.
71. Your Fine Petting Duck---Devendra Banhart***
        The funniest track on a consistently amusing album, Banhart unleashes a self-character assassination on top of a mellow gallop that turns inside out near the midway point.

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