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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hype Starts Here's Top 50 Albums of 2013 (50-41)

50. Half of Where You Live and Trust EP---Gold Panda
        One year, two solid releases form Gold Panda, both champions of a swirling, atmospheric type of dubstep that sides-steps bombast in favor of groove.

49. Paracosm---Washed Out
        Lathered in a heavy dose of reverb, Paracosm is the perfect album for the lazy, contented days of summer, its magnanimous pop as inviting as it is lush.
48. 0181---Four Tet
        Stuck somewhere in between a song and an album, 0181 consists of a single track that cycles endlessly through woozy, moody, and nocturnal movements.
47. The Wack Album---The Lonely Island
        Andy Samberg's mock hip-hop group is back with their third disc, complete with absurd humor, rampant guest spots, and ironic beats that are unnervingly similar to those heard on radio.
46. Nepenthe---Julianna Barwick
        Less a proper album than a series of beautiful, layered sounds, Barwick's latest piles synths, strings, voices and all other manner of soft sounds on top of each other until they billow out into etherial majesty.
45. Prince Avalanche Original Soundtrack---Explosions in the Sky & David Wingo
        Not the exercise in sky-scraping grandiosity that one might have expected from Explosions' first film score, Prince Avalanche OST is gorgeous in its smallness, twinkling pianos and emotive chords strewn through-out.
44. Loud Sound City---Julia Holter
        Inspired by 1958's Best Picture winner, Gigi, LSC takes listeners on a journey through an unknown, enchanting land, covered in mist and whispered affections (word of advise: skip the movie, go straight to the album).
43. Settle---Disclosure
        Among both the simplest and best albums of the year, Disclosure's debut fills out dance floors minimal vocal samples and undeniably propulsive beats that reach up to the ceiling.
42. Blue Chips 2---Action Bronson & Party Supplies
        A sequel that bares the same DIY production lunacy of its predecessor, Blue Chips 2 is a an hour-plus of the year's most unlikely hip-hop samples, Bronson's absurdist tales of excess fitting them like a glove.
41. Engravings---Forest Swords
        A strange, stark, and enveloping experience, Engravings is instrumental music like you've never heard before, utilizing electronics and manual instrumentation to craft something angular and foreboding.

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