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Thursday, April 28, 2016

HypeCast: The Jungle Book, Midnight Special, and Game of Thrones

        Hello, and welcome back to the HypeCast, a film-centric podcast hosted by Collin Sherwood Elwyn and Tyler Mitchell. In today's episode, Tyler relays his experience seeing Jon Favreau's new live-action remake of Disney's 1967 animated classic The Jungle Book at a test screening nearly a whole year ago. Collin is very curious to hear about Mitchell's whole experience watching the unfinished product, which is decidedly more interest than he can drum up for the film itself. That's not to say that there's nothing exciting being discussed on today's episode, because the boys each catch up with Mike Jeff Nichols' excellent sci-fi thriller Midnight Special, and also chat about the last Sunday's season premiere of Game of Thrones. Elwyn also fails to make a convincing case for you to watch James Pondsoldt's first feature Smashed despite really enjoying the movie. Better luck next time, I suppose. Warning: occasional naughty words are contained within. Continue at your own risk. Here We Go!

Podcast Itinerary:
0:00-25:08---The Jungle Book
25:09-48:35---Midnight Special
57:20-1:17:29---Game of Thrones

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