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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

HypeCast: Final Oscar Predictions

        Hello, and welcome back to the HypeCast, a film-centric podcast hosted by Collin Sherwood Elwyn and Tyler Mitchell. In today's episode, Tyler makes his final predictions as to the winners of this sunday's Academy Awards, while Collin hedges his bets like a coward by reserving the right to switch his selections in his big Oscar Predictions write-up on Sunday. Neglecting the three short categories (because really, everyone knows the winners will be Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah, Mi ne mozhem zhit bez kosmosa, and Shok, amiright?) the guys dispense their infinate wisdom on Documentaries, Foreign Films, and Animated flicks that neither of them have seen. The podcast truly takes off when Mitchell and Elwyn dig deep on the differences between Sound Editing and Sound Mixing, and only becomes more exciting when they parcel through the 15 nominees at the Production Designers Art Directors Guild. Collin seems genuinely befuddled by both Supporting categories, while Tyler still holds out hope for the man George Miller to take home the golden statue. Finally, we dive into the three-horse race for Best Picture (Spotlight, The Big Short, and The Revenant), and emerge with diverging opinions. Warning: occasional naughty words are contained within. Continue at your own risk. Here We Go!

Podcast Itinerary:
0:00-8:33---Best Documentary, Foreign Film, and Animated Feature
8:34-46:40---Technical Categories
46:41-51:09---Adapted and Original Screenplay
51:10-57:42---Supporting Actor and Actress
57:43-1:01:26---Actor and Actress

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