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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

HypeCast: Beasts of No Nation, Bridge of Spies, and Everest

        Hello, and welcome back to the HypeCast, a film-centric podcast hosted by Collin Sherwood Elwyn and Tyler Mitchell. In today's episode, we discuss a slew of new releases that run the gambit from heartening to harrowing. The guys both catch the first-ever Netflix original movie, Beasts of No Nation, and, in a shocking turn of events, largely disagree about the merits of the film. Before that though, Tyler offers some deeply unenthusiastic praise to Everest, and Collin finally likes a Steven Spielberg drama! The podcast includes a Taylor Swift song that Collin absolutely did not approve, a mini-debate over the attractiveness of Emily Mortimer, and the new scientific break-through that Russians don't need Oxygen. Bonus: Collin recently re-watched both The Social Network and In Bruges, and manages to only mix up Beasts of No Nation with Beasts of the Southern Wild once! Warning: a few naughty words are contained within. Continue at your own risk. Here We Go!

Podcast Itinerary:
0:00-3:59---The Social Network
4:00-9:21---In Bruges
23:42-39:20---Bridge of Spies
39:21-1:04:00---Beasts of No Nation
1:04:01-1:07:17---Podcast Recap and Preview of Next Week's Episode

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