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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

HypeCast: Director Spotlight on Danny Boyle and David Fincher

        Hello, and welcome back to the HypeCast, a film-centric podcast hosted by Collin Sherwood Elwyn and Tyler Mitchell. In today's episode, we discuss the works of a pair of modern auteurs: one who was attached to direct the upcoming Oscar aspirant Steve Jobs (David Fincher), and the guy who actually did (Danny Boyle). Tyler opens today's episode by stating some controversial political opinions, which Collin quickly supports with a reference to the teachings of Jesus. We also explore Boyle's tendency to make incredible movies with less than incredible endings, and pine for Fincher to make more 'serious' flicks... because we are snobs. Additionally, Collin learns that it's 'too soon' to reference Paul Walker in any context, especially when it comes to citing his driving skills. Warning: a few naughty words are contained within. Continue at your own risk. Here We Go!

Podcast Itinerary:
0:00-5:53---Intro and the buzz surrounding Steve Jobs
5:54-35:59---The Films of Danny Boyle
36:00-1:18:42---The Films of David Fincher

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