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Thursday, June 25, 2015

NBA Mock Draft 2015

        About a month and a half ago, I updated the banner on this site to describe its topics as 'Movies, Music, and occasionally TV and Sports.' It was changed to justify my absurd Comparing your Favorite NBA Players to Game of Thrones Characters post, but today, we reach out into something even more ridiculous; my predictions for the lottery of today's NBA draft. Why is this ridiculous, you're probably not asking? Because I've jotted down my own crappy predictions every year for as long as I can remember, and I'm honestly not sure that I've ever even gotten ten of them right (out of the thirty first-round picks). In other words, don't bet a dime on what you're about to read, feel free to laugh at my failure, and please forgive me for straying away from the music and movies that have been this site's bread and butter. Here we go:

1. Minnesota Timberwolves---Karl-Anthony Towns***
        If this isn't right, please stop reading this post right now. I quit.

2. Los Angeles Lakers---Jahlil Okafor
        I'm calling their bluff on all this D'Angelo Russell nonsense. Okafor was the consensus #1 pick all of four months ago. Those Purple and Gold frontrunners won't be able to resist.

3. Philadelphia 76ers---D'Angelo Russell***
        The Sixers desperately need literally everything a point guard, and Russell is widely seen as the best prospect at that position. It's a little obvious for GM Sam Hinkie, but at this point, obvious would be a surprise.

4. New York Knicks---Emmanuel Mudiay
        This pick is impossible. I don't think Phil Jackson has the guts to take the next player on this list, and Mudiay might be the big apple's best chance at a game-changer.

5. Orlando Magic---Kristaps Porzingis
        There couldn't be a team better suited to take Porzingis, the ultimate boom or bust prospect. Orlando is already stacked with young talent; they can afford to take a flyer.

6. Sacramento Kings---Willie Cauley-Stein
         Breaking their annual tradition of selecting a 2-guard they subsequently hardly use, the Kings seem ripe to take yet another player whose personality keeps scaring everyone else away. It's either him or Mario Hezonja.

7. Denver Nuggets---Justice Winslow
         My money is on them trading this pick, if for no other reason than I'd have no idea what to do with it myself. Winslow is likely the best available player; we'll see if they go shopping.

8. Detroit Pistons---Mario Hezonja***
        Chad Ford compared this guy to J.R. Smith, which is a red flag if I've ever seen one. Still, Stan Van Gundy will likely take the best player available, and some have Hezonja even higher.

9. Charlotte Hornets---Stanley Johnson
        The Hornets have been the most active team in the league over the last 48 hours. Johnson is a nice commodity in the sense that many teams would be interested in trading for him, and even if they don't, the Hornets could use a swingman.

10. Miami Heat---Devin Booker***
        He can shoot. Even if Dwayne Wade stays, can you really say that about any other Heat player?

11. Indiana Pacers---Cameron Payne
        Yeah, I don't get it either, but the Pacers appear interested in PG reinforcement despite George Hill's promising 14-15. By any estimation, what they need is offense, and Payne should help.

12. Utah Jazz---Tyus Jones
        Word is the Jazz are shopping PG Trey Burke, and even if that's all shenanigans, there are enough team in this draft looking for a primary ball handler to make the trade prospects juicy.

13. Phoenix Suns---Frank Kaminsky***
        Another pick I assume will be traded at some point, folks are just too hot on Kaminsky to let him fall out of the lottery. This is awfully enticing trade bait

14. Oklahoma City Thunder---Trey Lyles
        Like an alternate universe version of the Magic, the Thunder have enough pieces to take a potential game changer, rather than select a likely rotation player.
***Pictured Player

Wish me luck

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